Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Beauty in a pot

Close friends will know, one of my favourite steamboat these days is none other than beauty in a pot. I love their pork balls, their meat selection and their Mala pot is saltish and nice.

So I have basically been coming here whenever I want a steamboat fix. Service has also been generally good. 

But today it was quite infuriating.

In one of our vegetable order, we had one which came with the roots...

We feedback to the manager who said this to us " 哦和,这个拿掉它就可以了。可以吃的” 

Meaning to tell us, just remove it and actually this can be eaten.

Well, not saying it can't be eaten but clearly you don't expect to have veg with such roots in a restaurant right? Clearly it should be well processed and cleaned and this may be an episode of missing out - which is fine, which can be easily resolved by probably just doing a simple apology. But no, the male manager concerned just went on an on about how this can be eaten and just needs to be removed or if we really want he will just change for us. Not a single word of apology... He went on until I pu huay! Coz this is actually a dinner with bunny's friends who have never been to beauty in a pot. In fact it's a treat and we sort of highly recommended the place to them.

That's when I asked him, if this is how you serve your baby spinach how come I don't see a whole basket filled with such roots? Clearly we expected the veg to be processed and really to begin with, a simple SINCERE apology would have sufficed. We don't even need you to do a change. If you genuinely want to change it or do a service recovery, it should not be IF WE WANT. It should be IF YOU WANT. IF YOU BOTHER.

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