Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Saphy recommended this place for our dinner today....

Located at level 1 of International Plaza!

If Saphy recommends a place, it's usually not bad!

The menu comprises of omakaze of different price ranges. It also includes a variation of bento that leaves you spoilt for choice trying to decide which bento gives you the best of many worlds! From tempura to sashimi to soba to dons! What's apparent is this place uses truffle in many of their dishes to lure truffle fanatics likes us. They have truffle chawanmushi, truffle pasta and truffle don!

Oh! And the selling point of this place has got to be that thick cut sashimi they serve. It's true, sashimi lovers got to agree, a thick cut tastes so much better. In fact, aesthetically it makes me more excited!

Saphy and Phyllis arrived earlier and started eating first so here's only the bento from me and bunny's.

I had the truffle tuna don. 

I thot it would be minced tuna but sadly it's tuna cubes. I typically don't like tuna sashimi in that sense but it was surprisingly very good! The truffle made it better with every bite of the spring onion too.

The truffle chawanmushi proved to be quite ordinary. The chawanmushi taste was faint and there wasn't much inside it.

For bunny, she had the mini gozen which comprises of the following...

Truffle pasta...

Reminds me a little of the saveur pasta albeit with truffle. Not bad.

Thick cut salmon sashimi..

Pan fried Saba fish..

Which was pretty good. Not too salty and  fresh!

Some fried chicken thingy...

Along with the truffle chawanmushi and miso soup etc. 

After our bentos, I was still feeling unsatisfied with the lack of sashimi. The thick cuts just drove me crazy so we ordered another chirashi to share but told the person to omit the rice. It's much cheaper ordering sashimi this way than to order pure sashimi...


I can say, I will definitely be back! Coz as I'm blogging this, I'm salivating at the thick cut sashimi!

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