Thursday, May 12, 2016

Captain K Seafood Tower

U know that trending Korean seafood tower thingy? Well, dear dear was keen so we headed there for dinner today!

They have different no. Of tiers sets, the max being 9 and you can still top up if you like so we decided to sat sat for for max since it's our first visit!

The 9 tier one includes lobster and goes at $288. The 7 tier one goes around $180.

And being such a tall tower, you typically got to stand up to consume the first few tiers!

The first tier was clams and mussels...

It was very good! They were tasty and fresh. Hence despite it being only just steamed, it was yummy! Likewise for the mussels. This is probably my second favourite layer, right after the scallops!

Next layer were the prawns...

The prawns were decent. Fresh.

Next was the oysters...

Also pretty fresh! Dear dear liked this most.

Following this was the snow crab...

Typically am not a snow crab lover so this didn't do much for me and I didn't have much of this.

Next was the lobsters!

I concluded also that this 9 tier isn't good for 8-9 pax! How to share the lobsters like that?! Hahaha I want half! The lobsters were not bad too. Decent size!

Following that was the squid with rice...

The squid with rice looks better than it taste. The rice is with a bit of haybe hiam but it was a little too bland. The squid as well, it was not nice. Bland and the texture was bleah. 

But the servers I must say gave very good service. Or they were probably the bosses. When they came to check on us and we gave our feedback, they immediately asked if they could try it and feedback to the kitchen.

Also, one of my friend requested for white rice earlier. It's not her first visit so they Rem her as the lady who wants rice. They didn't have it today but they actually went over to buy it for her at a nearby store. 

The next layer was the mantis prawn...

Slightly harder to peel compared to normal ones. 2 of my friends didn't really like the taste. I quite liked it though. They found this prawn less sweet and has a funny taste. I pretty liked it. Haha!

And just when we thot its the last layer and next is the soup base (which we chose ginseng chicken at an additional cost of $15), it turns out to be another layer of scallops!

The scallop is my favourite layer! It's yummy! There is a bed of vermicelli below and the scallops are relatively big in size. Importantly, the taste is flavourful! I love it!

And last but not least, the soup base!

There is a fridge section where like steamboat, you can get items to add to the soup and have it cooked...

The soup was tasty to me. Can't really taste the ginseng thou it's ginseng chicken. Also could barely taste the seafood Coz the guy topped up the soup very efficiently right after we removed the last layer, diluting it. Too efficient haha!

After the meal, dessert was options of Korean ice cream sticks. Like melon, mango etc. 

The whole meal came up to $380 which is about $92 per pax for the 4 of us.

Overall I like the experience. Fresh seafood and all, may bring my mum over!

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