Friday, May 13, 2016


It's team lunch day and we went for Meatsmith!

Heard some good reviews of the place!

The place was small but packed during lunch!

There was a lot of Ang mohs in the crowd!

From the server, we understood that this they generally smoke all the things they serve. 

We ordered a platter and some sides to share!

Crispy pork rinds ($6)

Oooo... This was so good! It's basically pork skin. Sinful but damn good!

Bone marrow that was part of our platter. The platter was about $160. 

The bone marrow was also very good, melts in the mouth and goes very well with the pesto!

Can't recall what this is called but it's a bread with cheese inside...

Good to have it while it's hot!

One of my favourite of the sides is this cauliflower dish...

It's so good! The cauliflower seems slightly fried and topped with almonds and some mayo like sauce. Very yummy!

Mac and cheese...

The Mac and cheese would go well to many but not so much for me as it has a mustard taste. Not that I'm not into mustard just that I prefer my Mac and cheese more cheesy in taste than anything. Haha

And this is some butter head lettuce..

Refreshing to have amidst all that meat later.

And finally, our meat platter!

It was quite a sight! Oh we did top up the platter with half a chicken as there were those who don't take beef. 

Everything was good! Very good!

The beef ribs were tender and nicely smoked on the top. The charred sides were just awesome!

The roast pork ribs as well! They very easily got torn off the bones. So good!

We also ordered a fish...

The fish was good too. Especially the sides were so crispy! 

We had such a good meal! Will definitely be back!

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