Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Thai Airways

It's official. After today I hereby declare Thai airways serve much yummier food than SQ does. Service is also notably better. Which is very sad for me Coz I love SQ and I have from young felt that SQ is something that we Singaporeans should be proud of. But the few past episodes of encounters I had with SQ just made me really sad. Even when I made a feedback through their website, the response took more than 10 working days. :(

And I declined the offer of a voucher for their kris shop which is probably typically what they offer as a token for service recovery because I really hope that SQ realises that feedbacks are not just Coz gian Peng but Coz they really need to buck up n do better!

Anyway, today we were given 3 options instead of 2!

I took the chicken curry with rice...

It was pretty good! The chicken curry was tasty and the chicken was tender. And if you noticed above, the egg was still slight runny. I'm impressed!

And Kerry opted for the cream prawns with potatoes....

Check out the huge crunchy prawns!!

A few entries down you should see, the nua prawns I had from SQ during my flight back from Bangkok. It's like a heaven n earth comparison!

The cream prawns was coated with a layer of cheese, very yummy!

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