Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Tanuki Raw on Deliveroo

My first trial on Deliveroo and first time trying Tanuki Raw as well. I was really excited when I was browsing for something for lunch and I saw Tanuki on deliveroo's website!

I keep seeing that beef bowl on social media it almost drives me crazy! Those beef slices and that onset N egg!

Sadly, this was how mine looked when it arrived...

Clearly doesn't bring about that same excitement that others brought to me on their social media. Haha

The number of pieces of beef was barely enough to fill me Coz I'm not a rice person, I barely had the rice. The beef was ok but it looks better than it tastes.

The foie gras was nice and great in portion.

Also ordered a negitoro don and they have the same rice. Find the rice rather hard and didn't finish either...

The negitoro was so so as well.

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