Wednesday, May 04, 2016


Lunch at Lenas!

They apparently have different promotions daily for lunch. Today's was 50% off fried side dishes but I wasn't into fried food today. I was feeling pesto-ish today!

We ordered an appetizer of pesto chicken to share.....

The pesto was the very commercialized kind (if u know what I mean). Slightly saltish but not the fresh pesto kind of feel. The chicken was good though! It was tender! Overall I like this dish! I will order it again!

For mains, I had a pesto dory....

I liked that they separated the sauce with the food but I was amused that they presented it this way.

The dory was decent. Overall, can eat la.

Bunny ordered the omelette rice with hamburger...

Egg was not fluffy enough. The rice was ok for me but bunny didn't like it. Overall also can eat la.

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