Friday, June 17, 2016


Xin asked me to choose a place for dinner and I gave a few options of the places I wouldn't mind trying/Wana go. But I guess my description of pollen must have been damn good and outstanding that she said "didn't u just go pollen? ok la, let's go there romantic"

It was romantic indeed. It was raining when we got to gardens. The buggy came to pick us up in the rain and it was a slow cooling ride over to Pollen.

The complimentary starters that were the same as that of my actual birthday....

I still decide that I like the left side one best Coz it's got some Parma ham like thingy inside.


With beetroot...

Also really good today!

Scallop carpaccio! 

By this dish, Xin could already understand why I like their food so much. The scallops were in chunky portions like how scallops should be! Fresh and yummy!

We also shares a foie gras... It came served thick and diced... Very good cuts and it was sooo yummy!

Chef came by and offered us a complimentary portion of home made pasta AND HOMEMADE CHEESE!

It was sooooo good! I usually don't order tomato based pasta outside but this was so good! The tomato base was very naturale and tasty. The cheese as well. 

And next up was our mains, my must order of the salmon and the pork.

When I first introduced it to Xin, she saw my earlier album and asked me whether the salmon was raw or cooked. I told her it's hard to tell her and she has to try it for herself! Hahaha

It looks raw right? But it's actually cooked and it easily tears off. And it's crazy good! I think takes quite a bit of skills to cook salmon of this texture!

And the pork!

As tender and as bouncy as my last visit. Both a big thumbs up!

And of Coz, cauliflower!

I have this thing for torched broccoli and cauliflower! This one from pollen, they do it so well!

Service was also great! Delightful meal!

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