Thursday, June 02, 2016

Neon Pigeon

Dar Dar celebrated my birthday for me today and we agreed to do dinner at Burnt Ends. 

We only managed to get a table at 8.30pm so we decided to do drinks at Neon Pigeon first. 

Some time ago, I was in a cab and there was this tv display featuring a short clip introducing some local food places. One of the food places they featured was Neon Pigeon and I recall that item I saw left me desiring for it!

Turned out it was their tuna tartare...

Doesn't it look special? It does to me!

Oh one more thing about neon pigeon, the people here are all so attentive! So warm and so attentive!

They pay a lot of attention to patrons and make people feel very welcome.

So anyway back to the tuna tartare! I thought it actually looks like some red bean and matcha item but the bottom is the tuna. The middle layer is the avocado and the top part is some gel thingy. Not only does it look like a modern looking arty piece of food, it actually taste pretty good! Love the creativity too!

We also ordered a fried califlower...

There's this thing about fried broccoli and cauliflower for me. I love them! The ones here were good! With a sourish pesto looking like sauce in the side, very yummy! In fact right when it arrived, it smelled so good! 

The other item that the helpful server promoted to us was the roasted bone marrow...

Which was indeed very good!

It was so fragrant and went very well with the toasted bread.

As this is like a bar and restaurant, a rather Japanese concept one, their beer was sort of all Japanese beer. There were no familiar names like Tiger, Carlsberg or Heinkein etc. 

Dar dar ordered a white ale as recommended by the server...

She was telling me it was really good. Very light. I couldn't try Coz I had some medication for my flu.

We will be back neon! Coz the experience was great!

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