Friday, June 03, 2016


Actually I'm quite unwell today. The flu just got worse and bunny said I sound like Donald Duck. -.-

But what motivates me is lunch! TB offered to buy me birthday lunch at anywhere! I can choose from Les Amis to spago even! Wow! After some selection, we decided on iggy's! 

After food blogging for some many years, Iggys is a name I have heard of for years but not visited. Importantly the price I hearsay is quite steep but I have also heard that the food is good! I'm so glad we went because it was indeed good! Importantly, the service was also top notch!

Located at Hilton hotel level 3! 

Walking in, it's a short walkway...

The seating capacity was small but tables were well spaced out giving us the privacy we want.

The server patiently explained the menu and offering recommendations. They had set lunches and there was a tasting menu, 6 courses going for $150. They also had a dinner menu that ranges from $250 and up that they said they could serve during lunch. 

The server offered to serve us some of the snacks they serve for the dinner menu if we took up the lunch tasting menu so we both ordered that!

And here's the complimentary bread...

I can't remember what's the one at the extreme right but the long green one is seaweed bread and the small round one was with cheese inside. 

The bread were all very good! Yes, this is coming from someone who doesn't fancy bread. The seaweed bread had that mild seaweed smell and all bread were served warm. Love it!

The first snack that was served to us was this bed of pebbles....

The server told us that only 2 items were edible, we need to find it!

So interestingggggggggg!

I love interesting stuff like this!

Found it!!!!

It's actually potato and we were given truffle mayo to dip into! 

It was quite yummy!!!

Another snack that they gave us was a salmon chip thingy with fish roe...

Small bites but also interesting. 

And squid ink oysters!

Very interesting display!

And there was some egg noodle thingy with caviar? And there's the Sakura prawns fried with curry powder on top. It was soooooo good. The prawn ball thingy!

It was crispy and tasty!

That marked the last of the snacks and next up was part of our tasting menu.

First was a scallop carpaccio thingy...

But that's not it you know! They came by, didn't catch exactly what the server said but they came with a silver pot like container with a sieve inside and they scooped a bit and began to shake it off our bowl. As they shaked, there were smoke like texture created....

Sooooooo interestinggggggggg!

And our dish looked like there was snow flakes on it!

Next up was the asparagus ....

Which was pretty good too!

The next dish was a fish item and a soya sauce based sauce soup like thingy was poured in when it was served...

The sauce was light and the fish was not bad.

Nxt dish was angel hair pasta with Sakura ebi... 

This was damn nice! The ebi was crispy and the whole pasta had a shrimp taste. Very yummy! 

And next up was the beef....

The crispy looking thing was the tendon. The beef was tender and pink! Yums!

What is notably commendable also about the excellent service here is how the server is so nice and offers recommendations that pleases the patrons. Or like least make the patrons feel like their satisfaction is of priority to the patrons! Like for the dessert, it was supposed to be some mango dessert. When ordering, he told us he didn't want us to have the same so he offered to change one of it for us. In the end, both of us didn't want mango so we both had something different! This is good service!

Desserts here were good too! 

This is TB's strawberry dessert....

It's like a candy crusted strawberry shape  placed above a bed of tomato bits. When  u break open, there's some custard cream like thingy with strawberry too...

And for me, I chose the brioche with chocolate...

There was chocolate even in the middle of the brioche...

IT WAS SO GOOD! The brioche was soft and the whole combi was just really good!

The tasting menu also came with a set of petite fours...

Which we didn't get to finish, a bit regretting it now. The first was some sour plum candy, second is chocolate, third was macaroon and finally some butter cookie.

When making reservations, like any fine restaurant they will check if it's for any occasion. Upon knowing it was my birthday celebration, I got a very nice and pleasant surprise from them! 

They served this together with a silver spoon tied around with a red ribbon! They even gave me a whole explanation what this egg symbolizes. This is really top notch service!

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