Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Rice & Fries

Dinner is over at Rice & Fries and its a wonderful day to be here coz Chef Ken is trying out some new recipes, hopefully he adds them to the menu! 

Like this salmon salad....

It is crazy good! the salmon is medium rare so its really tender. The sauce is sesame sauce and its so addictive, makes me just want to keep going. The cherry tomatoes are so sweet!

Another R&D dish today is Poutine! Chef Ken's version of it...

thick cut fries! mashed potato, CHEESE!! the gravy was SOOO GOOD! he made the mashed potato on his own and it was incredible. Im so missing it now! Especially since the mashed coz its not those instant kind where its too smooth. I like my mashed to be with some textures, like some slightly chunkier bits of potato amidst the mash, oh god i love it!

fried drumlets!

Crab bisque!

with a generous amount of crab meat!

and for mains, i ordered a poached salmon because i saw on the menu it read.. comes with mashed potato...

yeah, i couldn't get over their mash! freaking awesome!

and the salmon, doneness was also great! Pink on the inside, soft and yummy!

Food aside, Rice & Fries' appeal to families will be how its a very family oriented restaurant. Simply coz Chef Ken himself is a father of 3 super adorable young boys. They hang around the place at times and that allows the busy chef to balance work and still spending quality time with his precious little ones.

and check out and cheeky Nicholas!

was about to cry until he saw the camera and decided to smile instead!

and this is Lucas coming in when i was trying to take picture with my salmon steak - can't decide if he's photobombing me or i am actually photobombing him! hahaha

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