Thursday, June 30, 2016

The Pelican

i was supposed to do dinner with Sharon but last min she couldn't make it. we had reservations on and last minute bunny could make it so we took the reservations!

The Pelican has been a place i have been meaning to check out after walking pass a couple of times. The decor and atmosphere feels like a great place to hang out!

and of course, thank you Amex for adding them into the Palate list! 

the server informed us that tonight there are promotions for the oysters. Each oyster is going for $2 each so we ordered 4 for a start!

it was SO GOOD! so good that even bunny who is not a oyster eater actually loved it that she requested for more! 

scampi! sashimi...

soaked in a prawn bisque like sauce, amazing! love it!

the roasted version...

or was it aburi version? but just really amazing too!

some look like smaller versions of broccoli sides... oh i remember now, its called broccolini...

didn't quite fancy it though.

i actually can't remember what fish this is but its quite special, came with a crust...

overall it was not bad.

the snapper pie i hearsay is very popular and good hence we ordered it...

sadly, i didn't like the mustard-ish taste it had inside the cream. the pastry was good though.

the cornbread pudding... 

ordered it thinking it should be like kenny roger's corn muffins. it was similar but Kenny's one is nicer. haha

the blue cheese spinach..

i would have liked the blue cheese to be stronger in taste.

overall we very much enjoyed the scampi and the oysters. will definitely be back for these!

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