Saturday, June 25, 2016


we headed over Bingki (Tanjong Pagar Plaza) for Bingsu after dinner for more chats and of coz for the yummy desserts!

Tried this formage cheese cake they have there and its really pretty good! 

the cake was moist and the cream cheese in the middle was amazing! 



which they all really liked it. i am not much of a honeydew person.


i love the watermelon! its so refreshing! the watermelon is also pretty sweet!

and another one of my fav flavour - injeolmi! its somewhat called korean rice cake...

i don't actually like the korean rice cake but i like the power. goes very well with the milky fine ice and those almond flakes! yay!

and we again couldn't resist and order one of their cuter looking ones with a bear/animal design. This time, in chocolate...

don't quite fancy the chocolate flavour as much. Still much prefer the watermelon and injeolmi one!

Like to come to bingki for its flavours and also the fact that they are 24 hours/open till late (like 3am). The place is generally clean but the floor sometimes seem to have this not fully cleaned smell at times.

Service is ok though sometimes the staffs seem overworked so occasionally bin chao chao. But sometimes quite nice.

But overall, we had a good time here!

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