Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Green Bucket (Deliveroo)

This green bucket caught my eye when deciding what to order for a lunch in day.

It looks a bit like salad yet not so much so. The wonderful thing is it really does take only about 30 mins to reach me because I was so busy that by the time I found time to order it was already lunch time.

The items were all not bad except he Parmesan cheese bits which had a mutton taste to it. The food in general gives a healthy feel to it and is value for money for a delivery.

This meal was ordered also due to a promo between grab and Deliveroo so I have been more inclined to call for a grab than uber recently. However, a recent episode where I was charged for a grab ride that did not take place, yet the grab customer service still has yet to refund me really puts me off. Their friendly competitor is much much much more efficient in that sense. They process feedbacks and refunds within about half a day. They make me feel secured and assured when I use card payment to settle my rides whereas grab doesn't. Grab makes me feel I'm crying to 4 walls.

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