Thursday, June 16, 2016

Grain (Delivery)

I have previously blogged about Grain briefly and this is a semi sponsored post after reaching out to the team, they kindly offered me a nominal credit in my account.

Being on their mailing list, I receive weekly updates of their weekly menu and every week, it makes me excited to check them out. In fact they sometimes make me want to order them on weekends too but too bad they don't do it on weekends. And very often, I find myself checking out what's on their next week menu too!

Their food in general gives that very healthy feel, using a lot of grains and veg. The nutritional value of each item is stated and as the words in bold says, EAT BETTER.

Items are always delivered in convenient and nicely packed boxes.

Here's what I ordered today....

I realised that not just the mains change, they change their sides regularly too. Like this week, side orders is that of fried tofu and hummus...

Above their is some tomato and onion salsa like sauce. A good combi.

The fish with rice...

The fish is a nice big portion with some curry rice with edamame. Aside from being healthy, it is also very yummy. 

Chicken on grains...

There's this thing about their chicken breast. It's soooooo bouncy. I'm not a chicken breast person at all but they make me want to eat their chicken breast Coz it's soooo good. And that's a good thing Coz chicken breast is supposed to be healthier! I love their generous amount of greens on grains. I have always loved rice with textures like these. 

Being greedy, I also ordered their banana choco cake ....

The choco fudge on top was good but the banana cake was a little dry. Else the taste would have been wonderful!

Overall I really like grain Coz it's so reliable. Food always arrives on time and I always feel more healthy eating this than my usual other lunches. It's great for sharing of orders with colleagues. If u are within CBD, delivery is foc. Delivery charge is a bit steep otherwise but recently they have dropped it by a little. Now delivery is $6.50. Hopefully their biz grows till they can offer free delivery and we all can have healthy grain meals for lunch!

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