Friday, June 24, 2016

Geylang Serai

It was a short casual food trail along Geylang Serai. Being a Friday night, place was packed.  Here are some of the things we had...

Salted egg churros with sauce that was very watery. I haven't been a very churros person but the 3 churros lovers that came with me didn't seem to like it that much.

There is much Thai milk tea avail there this year. One of it is this huge ass one...

Pretty good Thai milk tea and Thai green milk tea. The Thai green milk tea had a slight peppermint taste!

Melted cheese above some mashed potato with ham. A little salty for some.

Some watermelon drink. One of my favourite for the night. Nothing fanciful in taste - pretty much just watermelon ice blended with a prettier exterior!

Was a short trip as it was just too crowded. 

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