Friday, June 03, 2016

Curious Palette

After ktv, we headed over to Curious Palette at prinsep street for dinner. 

Having visited Curious Palette just earlier this week, i thought the place was pretty ok and food was not bad. Especially the risotto.

I googled about the place further and i saw the Scotch Egg that i had wanted to order that day but was informed its from the brunch menu which is till 6pm and not available coz it was already 6.15pm when we got there. The picture of the Scotch Egg looked so good, with the egg oozing out and it was corn beef on the exterior! When calling to make the reservations, i also called to check if i could reserve one portion of the Scotch Egg for our dinner. We were going to arrive at 7.30pm so i was seriously hoping they could make an exception.

The person who answered the phone initially tried to tell me he can't because ingredients etc are different unless they precook it and warm it up for me when i arrive and i told him I'm good for that. But then he said he needs to check which upon checking he got the answer no. Reason being it may affect the food quality - which i accepted. I understand being a food establishment there is a need to uphold food quality and hygiene. That's when i asked him, it looks to me the scotch egg is pre-made, the only processing is just to fry it upon customer's order. Can you not fry it only when we get here at 7.30 pm (i really really really want to try the scotch egg and their hotcakes). From his tone, he agreed that all he needs to do is to fry the item later but its still a no. He tried to say something along the line that they want customers to experience what they want customer to be experiencing... which i am already major rolling my eyes on the other end of phone. But ok, i guess i can only respect their decision - though its not like your kitchen don't fry other things during dinner or that i arrive at 7.30 pm insisting to order from your brunch menu. also, if your priority is customer experience, it already is affecting my experience since i don't get to try what i want to try.....  i don't really get it but fine, respect (just had to rant).

But thats not all. The worst thing is, the server really damn not seng mok. Bunny apparently prepared a surprise for me. She actually got a damn pretty customised cake for me and pre-placed it at the restaurant before she joined us. When she headed to the toilet to also inform the server to serve the cake that she placed with them, the server returned at least twice to ask her (in front of us) about the cake. Once was to tell her the dessert (the hotcake we ordered) was already served, what cake? Another time was to inform that we can blow the candles but cannot consume the cake there. So ya, her surprise no. 3 is busted again. haha she was damn annoyed. Simi customer experience?

Having said the above, we were annoyed but overall the Curious Palette is not that bad. there are still things here that are worth visiting for.

I do like the ambience, the whole decor and all. The risotto is good and i still want my scotch eggs! (真犯贱, i know).

The seafoodies joked to say we have not seemed to have visited such a hip place together in a long while. haha.... Unfortunately we were given the last table near the backdoor. It was so warm coz the door kept opening. So they joked to say we were at a hip place but watching the hip go on. hahaha

food wise, we ordered a truffle fries and a spam fries to share (since we couldn't decide which one to order)....

the truffle fries on itself didn't have that much of a truffle taste but the truffle mayo that came along did. the girls couldn't help but compare it to symmetry's and found symmetry's much better.

spam fries....

which is effectively fried luncheon meat in strips.

some prawn pasta...

i thought it was ok, just a bit bland. the girls joked to ask whether salt price has increased.. i honestly thought it was ok because there were traces of the prawn stock taste.

the risotto....

everyone agreed in unison that the risotto was good! the risotto was flavourful and very yums! 

the rump steak....

the rump steak was so so. It wasn't tough tough but it definitely wasn't very tender. Didnt quite fancy the sweet potato puree either. 

the pork loin...

bunny found it too gamey and she said she still can't decide about slightly pink pork. i thought it was not bad. slightly fatty on the sides. i like this.

and last but not least, the hotel cakes! another item that i googled, saw the pics and was fixated that i wanna try!!

it taste as good as it looks! the hotcake was thick! like a thicker version of hotcakes semi like a cake. served warm with ice cream and just looks beautiful with all the strawberries and nuts. i love this!

while we were trying to take group shots with the hotcakes, thats when the server kept coming to bunny with all of us staring at bunny holding the camera and talking to the server. the server was trying to ask...  " eh what cake, your dessert has been served " -.- why so not seng mok?

thats when i asked bunny " let me guess, you asked them to serve a cake with candle and they kept coming to you for clarifications is it? " hahaha... Bunny totally just gave me a deflated look

and finally, after everything, my not so surprise cake was served. But bunny, don't worry, i did still get some elements of surprise coz i didn't expect you to customise a cake. Amidst it all i merely thought you ordered a slice of cake from them and wanted it to be served with a candle. Thank you so much for the effort. Although your surprise failed, your efforts are heartfelt! ILU!

and erm, i wish I'm still 30 too but I'm in fact 35! usually people just put one candle but they placed all 3 candles that the baker provided in the packet. haha.. ok la chin chye. 

also, the servers there though rigid and not so seng mok, some were still nice. like one lady, she was nice enough when we told her we couldn't pack this cake at all coz the cake was too tall and it couldn't be packed into the box. she went to seek special approval to let us consume it there. for that, we are grateful. Thank you!

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