Sunday, February 28, 2016

Siang Kee Seafood Restaurant

Located at taman Sentosa, many people will discourage me to be here but I really like their crayfish. The size and the way it is cooked! 

Also, pricing wise it really ain't all that pricey.

Located within the taman Sentosa market area....

And yes, we are here for the cray fish!

Big chucks of them! 1kg is ringgit $80. Given the exchange rate now it's only s$20 odd. Plus the meat is big and succulent, very well worth it! This 1kg order has about 12 - 14 pieces!

We also had the pumpkin in salted egg yolk 

This item is so so so good. The pumpkin is thinly sliced while the salted egg yolk is slightly salty. It's really good as agreed by everyone.

We also shared a cereal prawn which was about $30 ringgit!

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