Monday, February 15, 2016


An impromptu decision to head down to Symmetry for lunch with Willson. Was looking to dig my teeth into those beef ribs and the much missed fried squid in squid ink aioli. I know hoping for the brunch flan was pushing it but alas, turns out that Monday was Monday menu I.e. Non of the above!

So for starters, we shared a crab and corn nugget like dish, highly recommended by the very friendly server.

I loved the greens, the sauce that went very well with the avocado with cheese.

The corn and crab thingy was a little too flour-ish in texture for my liking. I was hoping it was more crab cake-ish where I can taste more of the crab meat than the soft mash-y texture.

For mains, Willson ordered the Reuben. For some reason both of us thought it's a burger, it turned out to be more like a sandwich

And for myself, I settled with a pesto smoked duck pasta since most of the items I wanted were not avail

The pasta was decent but somewhat not satisfying. I was probably craving for meat of some sort. 

But service was a great thumbs up with the very friendly server checking back with me. 

Definitely will be back, probably just not on a Monday! 

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