Thursday, February 25, 2016


Oh American Express, how I love thee!

Thank you, thank you for getting lawrys into your 50% off list of participating merchants! 

Right when the girlfriend and I heard about it, it was a MUST GO for us!

We have been craving for the prime rib and the Yorkshire pudding for awhile! 

With this 50% off, we are pretty sure we will be back often!

And because there's the 50% off, aside from the scrumptious side of the lobster tail (which is very good by the way), we also ordered the jumbo prawn cocktail (coz we can't get over how good the one at Mortons is). But sadly, the one at lawrys is very sad. Just didn't cut it. 

The one at Morton felt bigger and in a whole piece without being sliced into half.

But aside from that, all else was just fabulous! Enjoyed our prime rib as we always do! 

Will be back soon!

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