Wednesday, February 10, 2016


After many days of not being able to eat properly, I finally feel slightly better today. Had to head to town to get pants!

In case u've not heard, Chu San is buy long pants day! 长裤长裤,长富常福!

We ended at Ion's gyoza ya for lunch. Not sure if I had previously blogged about this place or was this discovered while my blog went into a hiatus. I love the food here and it's not very expensive.

Of coz, gyoza is their speciality. I'm not super into gyoza but I quite like theirs coz they always have new variety added onto their menu. From the original pork and veg, to crab meat to mentaiko to curry to Mochi!

Today we ordered the mentaiko and the crab...

I like how their crab meat is the real crab meat with the distinct crab meat taste.

The mentaiko is well liked in general by people whom I go with. Coz of the mentaiko sauce.

I super like their broccoli....

It's aburi, topped with bonito. Awesome! Reminds me of lok lok in JB!

I also super love their chicken karage!

I love how crispy the skin is, how tender the chicken is, it's very tasty!

For mains, the popular choice is the super yummy and fragrant garlic fried rice!!

And they have up-sized their portion of fried rice compared to the past - very filling but very good!

Today they have a new item on menu - truffle ramen...

Hmmm... It's not not nice but it's not something I will order again. It came smelling string of truffle but got a bit gerlard along the way.

Overall a very enjoyable meal!

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