Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Bunny's birthday celebration today. We have both been craving for Lawry's but i wanted her to try something different and something she's not tried before. And know she likes her steak charred, i went for Morton's. Also, Morton's serve a slightly wider variety on their menu (but Lawry's, i still love you!)

I must admit i didn't exactly had a very good experience from my previous Morton's visit but today had been great. It was awesome. 

one of the reason why i chose Morton's for the occasion was also how they customise the menu with a birthday greeting and date above. Small gesture, great results. But sadly, the birthday girl didn't notice it! Next time bring in font size 30 or something ok?


For a start, we were served the big ass bread. 

Which we barely touched because we ordered a truckload of food. 

for appetisers, we ordered the Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail.... 

OMG! looks SO GOOD! Looking at the dish alone gets me so excited! Its the kind of dish that despite how this meal is going to cost a bomb, in my heart i'd say " I GAM GUAN PAY "

The prawns were huge and succulent. Wish there was more!

and of coz, we also ordered one of their signature Jumbo Crab Cake.... 

with big lumps of crab meat... 

To be honest, i have tried their crab cakes a number of times, each time i ordered i regret coz i didn't really like them. But every time i go i will still order it again! dunno why i so 变态 also! I guess i just have this thing for crab cakes.

BUT!!! Today's crab cake is DIFFERENT! In fact i really really liked it! the lumps of crab meat nicely seasoned. VERY YUMMY! Now that makes a legitimate reason for me to order it again! 

and also in the appetiser category, we ordered the mozzarella wrapped in prosciutto!

a little on the salty side but still really good!

After 3 very awesome appetisers, we are damn full but DAMN HOPEFUL FOR THE STEAK!

Given our likings for Lawry's we wanted to order the Prime Rib too. But sadly, Prime Ribs are only avail on Fridays and Saturdays. But the server recommended that closest to Prime Rib is the Prime Ribeye. Again, we almost ordered 2 portions of it but decided to try another cut for the variety. Thank god we did that! For the other cut, we went for the Prime New York Strip!

Both cuts were GOOD! 

The Prime Ribeye.... 

done medium rare... 

it was juicy and tender. very good!

the New York Prime... 

also medium rare!

and also another dish which makes the inner voice go " I GAM GUAN PAY !!"

Noted in small prints of the menu were enhancements that can be added to the steak. There was one that said Oscar's enhancements which included asparagus, crab meat with bearnaise sauce. 

was a good enhancement but got too gerhard for us. 

and i also ordered their asparagus, remembering how huge they were. Probably won't order this next time because it is merely just blanched. Bunny said she will do it for me at home! 

and for our love for Mac & Cheese, particularly comparing to the one at Bed Rock, we also ordered the Mac and Cheese. It was nice but we much prefer Bed Rock's. And i'm sorry Bed Rock, Morton's steak wins hands down so the next time we visit Bed Rock, it will be just for the Mac & Cheese. 

another thing on the 'enhancement' menu, is the foie gras cognac butter. like WOW! was pretty good but also got gerlard for us. 

and of course, a complimentary souffle from Mortons... 

chocolate flavoured, very good in my view! comes with traces of sugar crystals along the way. I love it!

Dear Mortons,

can we come every month and tell you its our anniversary? haha

Overall, a very good meal, excellent service and well worth the price!

Love every bit of it!

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