Sunday, February 14, 2016


The choice of venue for this year's valentines was Valentino. Been quite a while since I visited my once upon favourite Italian restaurant. Once upon simply coz there are just too many restaurants sprouting out but Valentino remains close to heart! 

Still that cozy European house decor...

Being valentines, they were serving set meals at $138 including choice of a starter, pasta, mains and dessert. We later found out they did serve off their regular menu too so we did also also add on the order of a tenderloin in blue cheese sauce.

For starters, we opted for the truffle pate and burrata with cherry tomatoes!

The truffle pate was decent but the burrata was amazing! Loved it! 

For pasta, we ordered the ink fettuccine with crab meat in tomato cream sauce and the pappardelle 

The signature ink fettuccine was a hit with bunny. She loved it! 

I am a pappardelle lover. While this was decent, I was hoping for a slightly more bouncy textured pappardelle. Bunny liked it though.

And for mains, we opted for the sea bass and veal shank

The sea bass was nice. Veal shank too in a tomato base shave.

And our add on order of the tenderloin in blue cheese sauce...

Tasted like how I remembered it did! 

Done medium rare as we ordered. Still wish the blue cheese sauce was thicker or stronger in taste but else it's all still good.

Service at Valentinos was also superb. Always so welcoming and always a hearty good meal!

Dessert was like a parfait with a mixture of some white chocolate and cereals etc!

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