Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Everything with Fries

It was a spur of the moment desire to have a slightly better lunch (as in compared to market food) and alone. Was at bugis' EWF.

To EWF, you have an amazing Har jiong gai burger! I love the taste, I love the size and I love that you use thigh meat coz it's tender! 

But I do think you ought to invest in silver cutlery than the plastic ones - even though yes I know you are sort of fast food not fast food style. 

And I highly recommend you offer options of add on patties to big eaters like me. I was craving for a beef patty as well but there was no such add on option unless I order another burger on its own.

By doing that, you are limiting yourself to the amount of business you can do with greedy meat lovers like me! And you are helping not to waste food! 

And please bring back the Har giong gai nuggets! I helped introduced it to many of my friends, they all loved it but you took it away :(

And oh, they now serve truffle fries, super  good ones! Not overly pricey too! 

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