Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Paris baguette

I have been craving for the cakes from Paris baguette for quite awhile! So despite all the bloated feeling and my almost gorging of charcoal pills and medicines, I went for it!

Their strawberry shortcake and their snowball Camembert cheesecake! 

Both were so divine! So good! The cake was moist and the cream was light yet tasty! 

The Camembert cheesecake was so light, so soft. Really good.

Price was steep. Almost a $9 for a piece of cake. 

But one thing to note, if u want to buy ready of the shelves birthday cake, they are THE place to go. Forget about breadtalk or even the very trusty four leaves (ok, except for coco exotic), Paris baguette whole cakes wins hands down in taste, price and presentation. Their whole cakes are only about $40, sama sama breadtalk! So yeah do grab them before they wake up their idea and increase the price - which will be a very sad thing.

And to add on, service was very sucky. Staffs probably are overworked (I don't know) but there's no service here. Everyone is pulling a black face. There was this poor korean uncle before me who was ordering, can't recall what he ordered and the cashier gave him a straight and black face " don't have the-thing-he-ordered " and then he ordered lemonade and again the staff gave him the same black face "don't have lemonade". 

The Korean uncle LL proceeded to order something else. 

The other servers were all working like we all owe them a living. Hey, I get it that u are working on a semi public holiday but no, we don't owe u a living. U are making a living and if u aren't happy, don't work. Besides, most of the staff there aren't Singaporeans. 

The irony is even when I tried to nicely tell the who-seems-like-korean-manager of the store about the situation, she merely just nodded her head and giving me an expressionless look. My friends wondered if she even understood what I said.

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