Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Populus

Lunch with mr and mrs little bee at The Populus located at Neil road...

Reservation was made but we were late and they were that popular, they gave up our seats even though we called to say we were on our way. So had to wait a bit further. 

Sunantha ordered the Populus scramble which is quite a delight to look at

It's crossiant topped with scrambled egg and bacon! The scrambled was not bad and the bacon is the kind I like! Not overly salty yet kinda fatty and soft. Looks so good! 

Little bee had the pork belly sandwich...

Which was decent 

And I had the beef ragout pappardelle 

Overall it was decent but found the pasta a little too thick, not the texture that I usually like - like the one from bistecca for example. 

I also had a top up of scrambled eggs

Which was pretty decent too!

And I liked my iced chocolate

Little bee's latte was topped up with my Xmas gift of a customised marshmallow!

And desserts!

We had the lemon and the chocolate sundae

The lemon sundae was really good! Esp with the sponge cake on the side. Yummy!

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