Thursday, February 11, 2016

Lok Kee

Dinner with mummy at Lok Kee at plaza singapura. Wanted to let her try the London fat duck that was really good when I tried it the last time. Place was packed!

Perhaps because it is CNY, complimentary starters was bak kwa...

My first bak kwa this CNY. 

And I tried this tea under their iced lemon tea section, called the ultraviolet oolong

Wow! So pretty! Inside the yellow cone is actually a small portion of lemonade to be poured into the drink. Overall quite a tasty drink! I really like how tunglok group of restaurants will off n on have some interesting drinks on their menu. Like how Dancing Crab has that really good lavender lemonade drink.

First dish to be served was the London fat duck...

Ordered half a portion. Half came with some sauce and half didn't. Ok, I don't remember how it was served when I came here the last time but I don't like it with sauce. In fact if u ask me, I feel that all places that serve those roast pork or roast duck etc should just serve them with sauce separate to avoid softening the crispy skin! Let customers dip their own sauce. But overall, the duck was still really good.

Next dish to be up was the X.O. Fried crab fries rice ....

We probably shouldn't have ordered this dish but due to some miscommunications between my mum n me, I ended up ordering it despite already vaguely feeling that I must have over ordered even without this dish. Hehe

Anyways, the fried rice was decent.

And I also ordered this chicken dish....

The chicken is cooked in a dry Mala kind of way, it's not so much of 辣,more of 麻. Quite Shiok! And the yellowish yolk like items, they are actually mango purée yolks which are so yummy! They burst in the mouth just like the egg yolk. Good combination with the chicken.

I also ordered the baked oysters with cheese which I felt was decent but not wow-ing

Lacked a certain punch.

Also had the roast pork...

Which was tender and crispy but also, just decent and lacked a certain punch factor.

We ended up ta bao-ing a lot of the items and had no room for dessert! 

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