Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hyang To Gol

she brought me to Amara where she said theres a very nice korean bbq restaurant. coincidentally, shes the 3rd person in a week to rave to me about this place. there was joey & shan, belinda and jo.

the complimentary side dishes..

the side dishes here are MUCH MUCH better than Hangoga but pretty on par with Manna. Or i would think Manna is better.but i did particularly like this soup like but its chilled with probably vinegar like side dish. thats really good. felt quite sour with a sensation when i eat it.

meat for bbq...

i found the bbq ok. decent but it seems to be the popular stuff here. i didnt try the bbq in Manna so theres no basis of comparison. but compared to hangoga, this wins hands down! haha

tried the beef rib soup coz i miss the one i had in arirang (Germany)...

their beef rib soup was kind of disappointment. decent but disappointing.

tang hoon...

the supposedly very good seafood pancake...

which was nice.. decent but i was not impressed.

i like their yam ice cream though!!

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