Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Coffee Stars by Dao

after samantha thavasa, we left to go Coffee Stars by Dao coz i told Xin i wanted to let her try a pandan roll thats very nice. i secretly also got the person to prepare candles for Xin and it was a surprise for her too!

i love the cakes and drinks at Coffee Stars by Dao...

the thai black tea is like teh orr peng but nicer.

the pandan coconut roll is really fragrant with this nice jello like paste with real coconut bits inside.

the new year cheese cake was also very yummy in my view. i like the texture of the cheese cake and the biscuit bottom. i also like the cherries coz they didnt have that canned cherries taste.

meixin went for the lemon grass drink at my recommendation and she loved it too. its slightly frizzy but nice!

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