Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Boh Tea Plantation (Cameron Highlands)

we adjourned over to the Boh Tea Plantation...

the factory area to show us the processes in making tea...

and a drink at their little cafe....

the lime green tea drink is pretty refreshing!

the view is awesome!

feels great chilling out in the afternoon at such nice view over a cuppa...


Gummi said...

Wow! Nice shot!

I always had the impression that there is nothing much to do on Cameron Highlands, but you seemed to have done so much!!

How many days were you there for?


Junie said...

thank you!

truth is, there isn't really THAT much to do in Cameron Highlands. its mainly visiting of tea plantation, farms and farms. and if u like trekking, there is a trekking of a forest and see the big rafflesia (which i did not go).

i was there for 3d 2n. the 2nd day i merely visited the tea plantation and made it a relaxing day. its good to just chill :)

the bus ride up and back is tiring though. its a freaking 9-10 hours!

Gummi said...

Oh yah! I read somewhere about the trekking in Cameron Highlands.

I've usually only heard of strawberry farm. But it will still be interesting to see how they harvest and package it.

Think I should get my friends and plan a trip there.:)

9-10 hours ride??... my dear bum... ;p

Sabrina Garza said...

@ Junie. At least, your visit at the tea cafe is all worth it. You have a nice view of the plantation while drinking your favorite tea, and eating your favorite cake. It's once in a lifetime experience for you. Anyway, what did you see in the plantation? Were there Darjeeling teas there?

Sabrina Garza

Junie said...

the plantation was all the tea plantation and a tea factory.

not sure about Darjeeling tea though