Sunday, June 17, 2012


fathers' day lunch today is over Hangoga at MBS.

and seeing we had to be at MBS in the noon, i googled for a decent place for our fathers' day lunch which hopefully isn't too crowded or overly expensive yet good food.

so far i read a couple of blogs which seemed to give pretty decent reviews of their food. but night before joey and shan kind of warned me about their food being not so good (and they were right)...

it was indeed quite a quiet restaurant which my dad joked and said.. " no queue means not nice " hahahhaa

they had only 4 small side dishes ...

which honestly, other than the usual kim chi (which their kim chi was decent), the rest was really quite boring.

also ordered their kim chi soup, beef rib soup, ginseng chicken soup and bimbimbab...

the kimchi soup was not spicy, mum and izzy said it taste more like minestrone soup.

the ginseng chicken soup taste like chicken soup. could not taste any traces of ginseng. very disappointing.

the beef rib soup was still ok. the rib was nice, soup base was normal.

the bimbimbab was also boring.

korean pancakes....


BBQ items...

the manager was nice to BBQ the food for us. he had already told us the meat were all not marinated. the meats were really quite expensive ranging from $38 to around $48. they turned out edible but not exactly nice.

the whole meal came up to around $300 plus. terribly expensive for not good food. makes me miss manna even more.

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