Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Ofira Amazing Thai Food

Far East Plaza, 14 Scotts Road
s228213 (Orchard)
Tel: 8650 3055
Mon to Sat: 1100 - 2030
Closed on Sun

I really really like the balacan fried rice here in Ofira. I actually didn't know its called Ofira because the signboard they have just says 'Enjoy Thai Food'. It is chucked in a small corner at level one of Far East Plaza which usually when i'm here im spoilt for choices. I actually also like the Pontien wanton mee that is next door and the E.A.T laksa.

So anyway, this balacan fried rice is very cheap, probably just $4 (cannot remember) and very tasty! Although it looks simple but its really good. Its a bit moist (the way i like my rice) and has its savoury taste.

They actually used to give a bit of cashew nuts too but they seem to have removed it. But overall, the mango they use and the onion goes very well with the rice. I like it a lot.

Do note that it typically does not come with the yellowish chunks on top, the yellowish white thing on top is crab meat that i requested to add. And do also note that they typically will give you a constipated you-are-asking-for-too-much-even-if-you-are-willing-to-pay look if you request for any top up. But i don't care, i pay for my food, i like my variety, i don't think its difficult. haha

They also have other Thai dishes that are cheap and decent too.

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