Friday, June 16, 2017

+Sixty Six

We found the fluffiest egg omelette today! Over at +Sixty Six located at 1A Short Street...


It's located very near to the Rochor Beancurd, if you know where.

But sadly, as we enjoyed the egg and the rest of the food (which all was good!) and couldn't resist giving our compliments to the owner, we were informed that due to a slow down in business, they might have to fold soon. That is so very sad! We are hoping that they will shift instead of fold because this is by far the most authentic Thai place after that favourite street food stall in Thailand closed down too. 

This place is very small, a very cosy little place. The prices are also very reasonable. For lunch, they have lunch sets at $9.90 which includes things like a green curry with white rice and a drink!

Their ala carte drinks like Thai milk tea etc is $3.50, as my friend Purple would quote, it's even cheaper than pasar malam! 

Anyway, this is the amazing egg omelette with rice...


It was so fluffy and super yummy! With minced meat inside...


This was only $6! And the prices here are all nett, no service or gst charges!

We also ordered a fish maw soup which was going at $19.90...


The fish maw soup was really good. Although this wouldn't be something that I'd typically order, it was surprisingly very good. The thickness of the soup was just right and the soup was really tasty. Not a lot of fish maw but ok for the price.

This is one of my favourite here! It's their green curry fried rice!!


It tastes great! Slightly spicy and has that slight green curry taste. Portion is huge, good for sharing!

Their green curry...


Great in taste, generous in the amount of meat and reasonable in terms of prices!

Another dish that we ordered that proved to be super good was this salted egg fried 四季豆!


It was quite special! With the salted egg 'sandy' texture and the usual haybe hiam kinda taste, it's really good!

I really hope they don't chup lup but shift instead! 

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