Friday, June 02, 2017

Hawker Chan

Ok this came recommended that the Michelin chicken rice is now at toa Payoh, replacing the old Soup Restaurant location (if u know where it is)....


It was relatively packed during lunch hour, you get a seat, queue for food and collect when your number is flashed. 

Menu is simple, cut into rice, noodle, hor fan and some combinations. A little strict too in that they can't let u order any combination that's not on the menu. You just got to work it out.


I had the soya chicken roast pork noodle.

I...... cannot get what the craze or star is about. The skin of the roast pork was not crispy. A random kopitiam chicken rice stall might have a better roast pork. 

The soya sauce chicken as well. Hmm there's another stall along the alley behind where bossini is, the food there is way much better, even right down to the noodles.

Me so disappointed.


The same thing but with rice. The chup on the rice is quite sweet. I guess it's ok but not nice nice?

Sides of char Siew and pork rib....


YAWNz. It's so lean. Taste was really just ok. 

By virtue of this I think imperial treasure or crystal jade should be awarded Michelin stars too!

Wanton soup...


Tasted sweet. :(

Clearly I had a bad experience. I probably won't completely rule this off yet, probably I will try to give their main branch a visit. But yeah this experience was not good. 

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