Monday, June 05, 2017

Bee's Knee At The Garage

Wildseed has been at the top of my mind to visit for quite awhile but because of the location, we kept giving it a miss. Today as well. All was planned to visit Wildseed but we last minute had a lot of errands slotted in so we ended up checking out Bee's Knee at Cluny Park instead!


Which we did subsequently realize it's under the same mgmt as Wildseed!



The whole decor looked promising. There were still folks seated outdoors despite the super hot weather.

I of course, went for the air conditioned seats!

So there were many signs indicating it's self service and these were the instructions on the first page of the menu...


There's something that they won't tell u so I'm telling u... if u want any dessert to be served later, don't order it together. Coz they served our desserts almost alongside our mains and we had to rush through our pasta and our ice cream sort of melted. When we nicely asked, the server sort of said that's how it works and they are a self service cafe not a restaurant. And that "if u want it to be served later u may want to order it separately"

I don't really get the attitude to be honest. I mean it would be nice for u to highlight it at least? Instead of shoving me with a it's-your-own-fault for ordering together kind of feeling.

Having said that, the food was really good and very value for money so I will come back for sure!

The hazelnut latte....




Truffle carbonara. May not smell much of it but u can definitely taste it. The bacon was a good portion and it was nicely done!

Beef cheeks papardella...



This was SO GOOD!

I have always always liked papardella but not every place does it right. Theirs is exactly how I love it! The texture of the pasta is so bouncy, it's amazing! 

The sauce is clearly made from scratch, flavorful and not like some instant mix. It was really good! So good that after we finished the dessert, we went back to order another of this to share!

Desserts wise, we went for the pandan pancakes. On the menu it read with Gula Melaka ice cream but it turned out to be vanilla ice cream. When we asked, they said ya the menu was wrong but when we ordered, this wasn't highlighted. Not that it's a big difference and yes I know u are asked service place but isn't this basic to highlight since you clearly already know there's a difference???


The pandan pancakes were pretty ok. 

The price overall was very reasonable.

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