Thursday, June 15, 2017

Geylang Serai 2017

Fulfilling our annual tradition to head down to Geylang Serai!

Every year there seems to be new food trends showing up here! We didn't exactly cover the whole area but we were lucky to come today. It's HOT but not as crowded as the weekends (or so we heard)

So here are some of the stuff we tried!


Anything rainbow or galaxy sells now, correct? I was torn whether to try it or not. I mean, how does it taste?

But I was sold the minute the lady told me it's Nutella milk shake!


It wasn't as pretty as the picture on display but ok, I can accept it. Taste was not bad for a gimmicky product. I could taste the Nutella except I couldn't help feel like I'm drinking a lot of colouring so we didn't really finish it. Haha



Q was too long for this rainbow bagel burger so we didn't get to try it but got this shot from their pick up point!


Fried milk! 


The fried milk tasted like fried panna cotta. Not too bad! Served with caramel sauce.

The pandan flavored ones were served with gula melaka. Both were not bad!

Raclette cheese!




$12 worth and u can have Raclette over sausages or roasted potatoes or both. I opted for only sausages. The Raclette wasn't charred enuff. The sausage were mediocre cocktail sausages. But good enuff for a try.

That's about all we tried, hoping to head down again this year!

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