Monday, May 29, 2017

The Magic of Chong Qing

The group came together for dinner at The Magic of Chong Qing hotpot.


Located at level 4 of Tanglin shopping centre.

 I pretty much liked it after visiting it previously. For the price it felt quite value for money with free flow better quality beef, fish maw and prawns! Well, at least those 3 are the ones I liked and what makes the it worthwhile!

So the normal dinner buffet is about $38++, doesn't come with drinks.

The one we took is supposedly a promotion. Normally it's $98++ (which if it is so, it wouldn't be worth it at all) but with the promotion it's $55++ and it includes free flow ba bao Cha. The ba bao tea can be iced or hot. The iced one basically tastes like a very nice version of chrysanthemum ginseng whilst the hot version looks like this...


Much better in terms of 卖相!tastes good too!

Soup base wise today we opted for the 酸菜 and the chicken soup yuan yang....


And that's the server adding in the fish paste for us. The soup base wise honestly it's not fanciful. It's ok to consume but definitely not as good as the current market favourites like beauty pot or hai di lao.

They also didn't come with fanciful sauces which disappointed Ken. Haha

I guess Chong Qing came as a slightly more value for money option for big eaters like us. The beef especially....




And fish maw!


Previous visit, the fish maw was thicker and gluey. It was so good! This visit the fish maw lost its thickness and glueyness. 


Sadly, I just realized I forgot to take pictures of the prawns which were fresh and of a decent size. We had so many sticks of it!

I can't say for sure that everyone who came today enjoyed or will be back but I probably would still come back.

What was funny about this buffet is they are super damn strict with the dessert portions. Each person is only entitled to one portion of the dessert. Not like it's super fanciful. It's a mini platter of chestnut cake, man tou and fried nian gao.

The chestnut cake is decent, man tou with condensed milk is so good and the fried nian gao is a waste of calories.

At the end you also get a choice of either an ice cream or black glutinous rice (which they affectionately call it as 八宝粥)or fruit platter. But u can only have choice of one n strictly one. I don't really get it, it's a buffet right?

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