Saturday, May 27, 2017

Kam's Roast

Been a long while since we could finally get together and the 2Bs were swee enough to celebrate our birthdays!

We got to choose a place and we opted for Kam's Roast....

One of the first thing I really wana try there is their prawn roe noodles!

Really missing this from Hong Kong and this is probably the only place (that I know) in SG that serves this! 

I would say it is close to what I had in HK, maybe not as fragrant but a good enough stand in to curb those cravings!

The prawn roes have that scrimp taste and I like the textures of the little bits!

The roast duck, we went for a quarter...

It was alright, the skin could be crispier. Pricing was pretty ok, around $16 for this portion.

We also had the 双拼 of char Siew and roast pork...

The char Siew was fatty as ordered but not charred enough.

The roast pork was decent.

The jelly fish....

And their Chinese sausage, both of it was not bad!

Overall, an enjoyable meal....

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