Saturday, May 06, 2017

Mon Bijou

The seafoodies gathering today was proposed by yours truly to be at Mon Bijou! Glad that all of them loved the food offering thumbs up after! 

I was tasked to order and needless to say I was spoilt for choice! Not that the menu was extensive but there were many items i wanted to introduce to the girls!

I ordered a garden mushroom pasta and a carbonara. When asked why I ordered 2 pastas in cream sauce, they understood after trying! Both were great! I was just torn between the two ....



Both were cream sauce based and were good for sharing. 

The warm beef salad is also a must order! The beef slices were amazing topped with potato strips served above a bowl of spinach...


Starters of prawn twisters wrapped in popiah skin. The squid ink aioli was also great!


Last but not least, the girls perfectly understood what I meant when I said the French toast is a cannot don't order!


The French toast is soft and fluffy with sugar crystals. It's so divine!

What I'm sure is, the girls will be back on their own for this recommendation! 

The food is amazing, the price is reasonable, service is great and the cushion seats are plushy and comfy!

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