Sunday, May 07, 2017


Been a super long while since I caught up with Bernard so we scheduled a dinner today! 

Out of the list of probable suggestions I gave him, he chose Angelina. Actually I'm also not sure why I suggested Angelina in the first place. The thing that I really wanted to try from Angelina I have already tried it that day - the hot chocolate but I didn't like it. It felt a bit sour (or maybe not so sweet) to my liking. I think I much prefer the one from Antoinette. Also, I had already observed that they had a very very puny menu. But I guess maybe part of me still wants to give them a second chance.

So anyways we met up at Angelina! Oh one more thing to note, I don't really get why their operating hours are till 8.30 only. I mean, given their tiny food menu, the whole concept is probably more of a dessert place? If people do come by for dessert or coffee after dinner, wouldn't it be after 8.30pm? Hmm but den the dessert selection is actually also not much - ok, I just don't get it.

But they do have damn lovely settings! The kind that's pretty to take pictures of! 

Food wise, we mostly went for the set meal that was going at $38.80++ 

It comes with choice of soup/salad, mains and a mini hot chocolate/coffee/tea

The soup of today was sweet potato smoked salmon soup...

Very unique when we heard it. Taste wise was ok. Didn't taste very much like sweet potato actually and the smoked salmon was literally just added in the center.

The salad was the saving grace thou! It's a delight to even look at it!

The colour of the greens and the red was very welcoming. That rectangle block in the middle was so divine! It's toast and the toast was fluffy thou thick! Above it is a piece of toasted cheese and the cheese is the kind that's strong in flavor ... omg! I love it!

For mains, we had option of either the chicken or truffle ravioli...

The truffle ravioli was decent but didn't leave a strong impression. Not something that I will want to be back for.

The chicken (missed out picture for that one) was not bad, though it was breast it was quite tender and bouncy.

Bunny didn't go for the meal, she opted for the steak...

She didn't like it at all. Hahaha she found it disappointing but I thought it was ok. The steak was can eat lor but I really loved that crispy thing at the top. It tasted like bacon chip! It was so damn good!

And finally, our hot chocolate....

Second chance still the same. I wonder why it looked so good on other people's social media. -.-

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