Sunday, May 14, 2017

Platform 1094 - Harry Potter Cafe

Today we are headed to the Harry Potter Cafe! 

The cafe is called Platform 1094, located near bendemeer. I would say it's really chucked in a inconspicuous corner...

The menu...

The place was not very big but there was dedication in making it into a theme cafe. Aside from the decor, furnishings and menu, they even have a small corner where they provide costumes - think scarfs, spectacles, hoods where patrons can dress up in!

I ordered an iced chocolate, eager for a Hogwarts meal!

This iced chocolate was a flop. It felt like a badly made instant hot chocolate that was rather diluted.

The serving was done in a glass cylinder, effort for presentation I guess.

There was a carrot and beetroot soup, also A+ for effort for serving it in a witch brew pot...

The soup was a lot more promising than the iced chocolate! The soup was not bad and unique in a good way!

Prawn and kale salad....

Was hopping the kale to be fried like the one at humpback but the kale here is fresh. It's not bad nonetheless...

Mains wise we ordered a grilled chicken pasta...

It was not bad in terms of taste. Portion was also decent.

The pesto mayo pork ribs were amazing thou! It was tender, tears off the bones easily n tastes great!

Food was overall good for a theme cafe!

We also ordered a drink which was supposed to be instagram worthy but we didn't manage to take a good picture of it. Speaking of which, the staffs there are a little not camera friendly enough for a theme cafe. Not that they aren't polite or friendly but u know, working at a theme cafe you can expect a lot of patrons asking for help with pictures and multiple pictures at that. But staffs here just either snap one picture or try to avoid helping. 

It's not exactly a complain thou, I mean I understand it's an individual thing and not like they were rude. Just saying for a theme cafe I think staff should probably be more camera keen? Haha oh well!

By pouring cinnamon in would create fire sparkles above the drink which we totally failed to capture. Haha

Taste wise it was very cinnamonish of course! Haha

And desserts,...

While the desserts look nice, I wasn't impressed by its taste. Something I probably won't order again. 

But the pesto mayo ribs are great! I can see myself coming back for that!

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