Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Magic of Chong Qing hotpot

I didn't expect that I haven't been here but I am pretty sure I heard abt this place previously. This place was popular way before all the steamboat craze of Hai Di Lao, beauty pot etc.

Located at Tanglin shopping Centre, Ginny introduced this place coz they served buffet at $38++.

When we got there, they told us there's a promotion for better beef servicing at $55 and we went for it!

It's quite Wu hua coz the beef was really super good!


Importantly, they also had fish maw in their regular buffet menu. The fish maw is thick and sticky - super good!

The prawns were also really fresh!!


Pity I was too busy eating to take picture of the rest of the items but the buffet also included a ba bao tea which tasted like chrysanthemum with ginseng tea.

The desserts (only one serving each)


I'm so coming back here again!

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