Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Cheesecake Factory (Dubai)

Dubai is such a wonderful place! its very different from our initial perception.

Importantly, the shops are open till so late! Cheesecake factory opens till midnight and service is impeccable!

Went over for supper!

Loaded baked potato tots


this is pretty good! the inside is with bacon and cheese!

Mac and cheese balls.....

this is so good! the cheese and macaroni is all loaded inside the deep fried ball... 

we probably went a bit too far on the cheese tonight, went for a 4 cheese pasta.... 

for starters, i don't like penne. the 4 cheese was still not cheesy enough. In that the cheese taste isn't the strong tasting kind of cheese, felt more like the cheddar kind.

for dessert, tonight we chose the amores and it is sooooo good! the marshmallow was truly melted and the cake is moose like cheesecake.... 




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