Monday, February 27, 2017

IHOP (Dubai)

So it appears that aside from The Cheesecake Factory, Dubai has brought in many other brands here, particularly American ones! One of the other brands that got us excited is IHOP!


Can be found in both Emirates Mall and The Dubai Mall but today I am visiting the Emirates Mall.


IHOP is a the abbreviation for International House of Pancakes. And needless to say, their speciality is pancakes and of coz, we had to order pancakes!


This is the half portion. The full portion would obviously look a lot better in pictures but there was no way we could finish it. The pancakes were great! Fluffy and soft! 

Also had the mains of an avocado chicken and cheese...


The chicken is breast meat but it's super duper bouncy and tender! Very yummy! The mashed potatoes are the type that I like, with potato bits inside, damn freaking good! 

Drink is a milk shake...


Also so darn good!

A must for revisit! 

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