Sunday, February 19, 2017


It's funny really. Crabby was in Bangkok over the past few days and she landed up at Another Hound Cafe (which in my personal opinion is no good) and seeing it on instagram, I told her to move, move over from the Siam paragon one to the right one at Siam centre. Alas, she didn't manage to and that was strike one for her.

The very next day (yesterday), she found the correct Greyhound cafe (at chitlom) but Duno if it's the branch or she ordered the wrong items, she was not pleased with the items. Strike two.

I insisted the items at greyhound was good so she decided for our meeting today, greyhound at paragon singapore would be it! Sadly, while it's the right concept of greyhound, still a strike three of sorts.

Always been a big fan of greyhound in Thailand for its food and very reasonable pricing. Variety is great and so is taste. It's a must visit for every trip! So when greyhound opened in Paragon, it's also a must visit! But the prices are not awesome - hoping that if the food still is, can kam jit bak (close one eye) on the pricing. 

But well, some hits and misses. 



Chicken wings. Decent, a little salty but not bad..


Tom yam soup...


Decent as well but no punch.

Complicated noodle...


This was good. Like in Bangkok. 

Scallop fettuccine in pesto sauce....


This is still as good as in Thailand but price point is much higher.

Tonnes of crabmeat fried rice that should be renamed to just crabmeat fried rice. Where got tonnes?


Taste wise it is ok but definitely not as tasty as the Thailand version.

To add on, they didn't bring over the Crab meat pasta in pink cream sauce. That is oh so good and also another must order in Thailand.

In fact few days prior, Kerry whom I introduced the greyhound to in Thailand also visited greyhound sg. She also tried to enquire about why they didn't bring in this dish and she got a very good response from the manager who kindly said they will review or even joked about placing a special order for her. We know it's a joke but it's pleasant the tone and the way they handled it. Kudos to that manager, building a good relationship and making customers to want to revisit.

When I tried to ask with the manager on duty  today, the reply I got was that I don't know my Greyhound menu well. That am I sure it's a greyhound menu item? That during his 2 weeks or 2 months internship at greyhound he never ever saw this item. Sarcasm at its best.

I'm sorry but mr Caron Ong, operations manager of greyhound Sg, I think I know my greyhound menu well enuff considering that dish is a must order every time I visit greyhound be it Thailand or KL. And I tried it at greyhound Siam centre and greyhound emquartier. So I really don't know which one u did your internship at.

But I also realised there was no point debating with him else he will find 101 more questions to question me like when was my last visit, did I rem wrongly? Etc etc 

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