Sunday, February 05, 2017

Burger & Lobster (Genting)

After the casino session, we headed for our long awaited dinner at Burgers and Lobsters! Ken made the reservations about a month ago and from what we understand, we were the last they accept reservations for! 



The menu was simple....


3 options of burgers, 3 options of lobsters, 3 options of lobster roll.

A round of watermelon juice to kick start the lobster session!


Something about this red juice just makes it look appealing!

We ordered one lobster and one lobster roll each! Each item came with fries and salad.. knowing we won't be able to finish the fries, we opted to change four of it to salad resulting in us receiving a forest of salads!


And check out our spread !


The lobsters were around 500 g each...


Going at about $138 ringgit.

They had big ones at about 2.5kg, going at about $600 ringgit but we didn't go for that option.

Lobster roll...


The lobster roll was good with chucks of lobster.

I haven't been to the London one which everyone raved about. This one was ok to me. Good enuff thou not wow-ing.

Service was not bad thou! 


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