Sunday, October 30, 2016

Mon Bijou

And because the food at mon bijou is so good, I brought Detchie there!

the place was surprisingly much more packed than friday night.

cold crab truffle ramen...

the dish is chilled. The ramen is tossed in truffle oil, it tastes really really good! it wasn't overly oily and the texture was springy. Very awesome dish!

garden pasta which was a cream based mushroom pasta.... 

simple but very comfort kinda food. Simple yet done very right!

and finally got to try the crab cakes egg ben! apparently their speciality here.... 

which i can see why! the crab cakes were great, the poached egg was just right and the hollandaise sauce was amazing... 

i super loved the hash browns too! nicely fried with nice potato bits inside, very good!

their french toast is damn amazing! It is damn soft and has sugar crystals in some bites. We loved it!!


for me to revisit a place that quickly, the food must be good. and i must say everything i've tried here is just amazing and excellent! Price wise its damn reasonable as well. I think i will be back soon again!

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