Friday, October 28, 2016

Mon Bijou

really ought to thank my friend who brought me here last week for lunch. the french toast was AMMMMMAZZZZING! it was constantly on my mind so when we decided to head some place for a good dinner to end the work work, i suggested this place!

Mon Bijou is located at level 2 of Claymore Connect, operated by Orchard Hotel.... 

honestly, if not because my friend brought me here, i don't think i will patronise this place coz of the location. But after that day, the french toast won me over.

And after today, the food in general will keep me coming back!! Everything is good!

Like for a start, we had their cold crab ramen in truffle sauce.... 

portion was great! and every mouthful a delight! drizzled in truffle oil, the ramen was springy and texture was just right! We loved it!

we had wanted to try their signature crab cake eggs ben but it was out so we had the truffle scrambled eggs... 

tell me the yellow joyful scrambled eggs did not make your heart skip a beat! ahaha.. that colour and texture, MMMmmm! the hash brown that came with it was super good too!

the black parts were toast, i think some charcoal bread or something. Very yummy all day breakfast! If this was so good, i can't imagine how good the signature crab cake eggs ben must be!


the carbonara was so good! Simple comfort food thats so so good!

Duck confit!

Been awhile since i had duck confit and their duck confit is ON POINT! the duck is juicy and the skin is crispy! Very good! the mash was decent and overall very reasonable pricing!

Because crab cake benedict was not available, we ordered a crab patty burger instead... 

which proved to be fabulous! The crab patty had that strong crab taste, very very good. the truffle fries was also good!

and of course, we HAD TO HAVE THE TOAST!!!



they agreed with me that the toast was amazing! the brioche was soft and warm, drizzled with maple syrup and it was just sooooo good! a must try!

a great meal to end the busy work week! so fulfilling!

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