Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Taipei fish market (Taiwan)

Was brought here by my customers here in Taiwan, they said this is one of the IN places to dine at one and months ago it was almost impossible to get seats. 

This place for many years used to be a cold storage area until the owner of this place rented it and developed it into this concept dining venue...


This place in general is called the Taipei fish market. Within this area itself, while everything is under one owner, they have several different concepts of F&b.

Like this one here is an outdoor seafood BBQ area...


And the one we are going to, you get to pick the live seafood...



Check out the wasabi! So fresh u get to grind it on your own!



And sashimi glorious sashimi!!!


Like Oh my god!!!


It was quite a sight and so fresh and soooooooooo yummy!

Some veg that apparently is only avail in Taiwan...



Huge grilled prawns! 


Very fresh and really good!

Some BBQ fish with fish roe...


Also really good coz it's got this fresh lemongrass kinda feel. Really good.



Also so good!

Definitely worth a visit if you are here in Taiwan!


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