Friday, November 04, 2016

The Pelician

During my last visit, I was very upset to hear that Pelician is going to remove the scampi from their menu. I can't understand why coz it's so damn good! 

I was lucky one of the server - Jebb, offered to help preorder it for me so here i am today! 

Their scampi comes in torched or raw version, both incredibly gooooooood!



And we ordered around 6 of each!


It was scampi glorious scampi! Tooooo good! It was fresh n served with prawn bisque. The texture is succulent - love it! 

Really hope they keep this in their menu!

Another super incredible item is their oyster!


Apparently tues and thurs are their oysters night where it's $2 per piece. We are coming back then! Their oysters are amazing! 

Poached lobster...


Also another succulent find!

And the following are the mains....



But really, the star was the scampi! 

Thank you Jebb for the fabulous service!

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